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How to arrange a session :

Initial contact can be by phone or email. you may call Me Mistress or Ma'am. We will briefly discuss the session you are seeking, and arrange a time to meet at My studio. Once we meet in the flesh, we will chat about the activities and the possibilities your session may hold, and set the limits of play. Nothing will happen in a session without your consent, and My approval. Once the parameters of play have been set, it's game on for Mistress and slave ...


I am a strict Mistress, and I observe a strict hygiene and safety protocol. I will not indulge any activity which poses an unacceptable risk to any party. Safe words and signals are always observed. I travel with a comprehensive BDSM arsenal and can adapt play to almost any environment or circumstance. Remote domination can be arranged, with payment in advance by bank transfer. Play can be in person, on the phone or online.


I require My slaves to be courteous, punctual and clean, inside and out, at all times. Any form of disrespect will not be tolerated. Obedience and submission will be rewarded. From the moment you enter My realm, you will submit to Me. Dwelling entirely in My control, you will surrender your being to Me, joyfully.

Contact Mistress Amara


telephone: (+61) 0406574722