Sessions with Mistress Amara

all kinds of kink

Sessions with Mistress Amara are always surprising, often tantalising and deeply satisfying. When Mistress and slave embark on a journey of Domination and submission, only the winds know which way the session will go. My Dominatrix sessions can not include: sex with Mistress or touching Mistress, apart from foot worship. Mistress will be playing with slave, not the other way around ;}

Session times can range from an hour to several hours. I will allow half hour bookings for certain single activity sessions, such as foot worship, spanking or caning. In general I prefer 2 to 3 hour sessions that allow Mistress and slave to fully explore the dynamic of My dominance. Overnight lock-ups and weekend long sessions may also be arranged. Email or call to discuss.

FROM PLAY TO Z : abduction, abrasion, age play, anal hooks, anal play, artistic cutting, ass play, ball kicking, bare bottom spanking, bastinado, behavior modification, blackmail, blindfolds, bondage, boot licking, branding, breast/nipple-torture, breath play, brown showers, butt plugs, caging/confinement, candle wax, caning, catheters, chains, chastity devices, chocolate, cigarette torture, clamps, cling wrap, cock and ball torture, collar and lead/leash, corner time, corporal punishment, corsets, crops, cross dressing, dildos, discipline, doctor/nurse play, domestic servitude, domination, electro-torture, enemas, erotic photography, exhibitionism, female supremacy, fire cupping, fisting, flogging, foot/feet worship, forniphilia, fur, gags, golden showers, hair pulling, handcuffs, high heels, hoods, human ashtray/furniture/toilet, humblers, humiliation, hypnosis, ice cubes, interrogation, kidnapping, latex, leather, lingerie, masks, medical examinations, medieval devices, military uniforms, nun/priest play, obedience training, objectification, orgasm denial, over the knee spanking, paddling, pain, pantyhose/stockings, piercings, pinching, pony play, power exchange, prostrate massage, public scenes, puppy play, PVC, restraints, rituals, role play, rope bondage, rubber, sadism, scat play, school mistress, sensory deprivation, shoe worship, smothering, spanking, splodging, strap-ons, talking dirty, tawse, TENS units, toys, trampling, transvestism, vibrators, voyeurism, wartenberg wheels, watersports, waxing, whips, zentai, zippering.

Rates start at $300 per hour, $400 for 90 minutes, $500 for two hours, $700 for three hours and $900 for four. Six hours is $1250 and eight hours is $1600. This rate includes all Bondage Discipline Fetish and Kink experiences apart from one or two highly specialized activities.

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telephone: (+61) 0406574722