Role Play

takes us everywhere

Are you a sissy maid in the making? A naughty school boy? An errant lover? Arrogant boss?

I can take you deep into your fantasy persona, where role play becomes hyper-real

Role-play holds special pleasures for Me. Unleashing the power of imagination, we can go anywhere, be anyone, do anything; everything is possible. Enter My fantasy world and be transformed ... Stern school mistress, perverted doctor, secret agent, corrupt cop, sassy secretary, bikie chick, school yard bully, corporate bitch, jilted lover, judge, jury and executioner are some of the roles I play. Military/spy scenarios are a favourite, and playing queen or goddess comes naturally to Me.

As for you, school boy, patient, enemy agent, porn star, kidnap victim, teacher, prisoner, sissy maid, loyal subject, devotee or just a very naughty boy: role play gives you the freedom to explore the wildest of dreams. Together, we create our own private theatre, where every kind of desire can be performed.

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telephone: (+61) 0406574722