is My main game

Female Supremacy is a fact of life. All that remains is to surrender.

Your submission is absolute, orchestral;

In this world of My creation

Nothing else exists only

My domination

Your liberation

I don't even need to touch you to exert My control. A look, a word, a gesture is all I need to make you Mine.

People often ask Me what are My specializations, or My favourite ways to play. Yes, there are activities I have a natural affinity with, but it is not the activity that makes the session. What makes a good session great is the dynamic between Mistress and slave, the surrender of power that places slave in Her hands. This is Domination: that electrifying step into another dimension that happens when slave and Mistress are as one, existing purely in the moment, lost in the realm of Her power. Call it chemistry, alchemy, magic if you like. When you submit completely to Me, letting all else slip away, this is My favourite way to play.


telephone: (+61) 0406574722